5 Reasons That Make Osian a Must-Visit Destination

Rajasthan is a destination that finds place in every traveller’s bucket list across the globe. It is replete with numerous places to see and it is really difficult to cover the entire state within a month. But what if you can’t spare such a long holiday and yet want to make your trip memorable? Most tourists go for the popular towns and cities of Rajasthan but travellers seek for more. So, no matter how short your trip duration is, you can also make some unusual places to be a part of your trip, if properly planned.

I will be covering how to plan for a 7 day trip to Rajasthan in a later post. In this article, I will be sharing with you a place in Rajasthan that you should not miss out – Osian. About 60 kilometres from the city of Jodhpur, the oasis of Osian lies between the Jodhpur-Bikaner road route. Below are 5 reasons that make Osian worth visiting while ditching the popular crowded cities of Rajasthan.

1. Re-living the Historical Era of the Pratiharas 

Osian holds a testimony to the shift of power and influences of various dynasties through its art and architecture. This place finds mention as a stopover for caravans during the Gupta dynasty (300 CE – 550 CE) in ancient manuscripts. But it was the Gurjara Pratihara dynasty that was responsible for the growth and development of Osian as a town during mid-7th century CE – 1036 CE. Brahmanism formed the epicentre of the social system of Osian at that time. Later, when King Upaladeva converted to Jainism, the place became a major propagation site for Jainism under his patronage. This cultural shift can be still observed through the amalgamation of Hinduism and Jainism, reflected in the art and architecture of the region. However, with the invasion of Muhammad of Ghor in 1195, the prosperous town of Osian was destroyed and deserted and all lustre was lost.

2. The Captivating Sculpture of the Temples

Mahavir Jain Temple
Inside Mahavir Jain Temple

Though Rajasthan showcases majestic instances of sculpture almost at every nook and corner, Osian has some outstanding edifices carved on red sandstone to watch out for. They are brilliant! Presently, only 16 Hindu and Jain temples survive out of the 100 that once glorified Osian – all built between 8th century and 10th century. The Mahavir Jain Temple holds the most captivating architecture and sculpture. Sachiyan Mata Temple, Sun Temple and Kali Mata Temple are also among the popular. Though ravaged by time, these structures are worth studying.

3. Local Folks in Authentic Folk Attires and Rural Life

Local People
The Local Folk

Many-a-times, we have fallen in love with the colourful dresses of the Rajasthani folks. While women wear their ghagra cholis adorned with dupatta and jewellery from tip to toe, men are seen in dhoti kurta and Rajasthani turban. Osian is among the few remaining places in Rajasthan where the folks can still be seen donning local dresses with such grace and pride! Visit the village and you have the immense opportunity to get close with the rural folk culture and lifestyle.

4. Camel Safari on the Undulated Sand Dunes of Osian

Camel Safari
Camel Safari

Though Jaisalmer is the popularly known destination for camel safaris in Rajasthan, Osian also offers the same thrills if not the sand dunes of same heights. Camel safaris are available at a lower cost in Osian than Jaisalmer and you must try it out here. Now you know, Jaisalmer is not the only place for camel rides.

5. Sunrise and Sunset from Luxury Camps

Reggie's Camel Camp
Reggie’s Camel Camp; Picture Courtesy: Ultra Travel

Wondering if Osian has luxury stays? Well, luxury tents are available at Camel Camp Osian, Reggie’s Camel Camp, Camp Thar and many more where you can spend your day and night like a king. Wake up to a bewitching sunrise in the middle of the desert and welcome the night with the magnificent sunset as the sand turns red revealing one of the most captivating beauties of a desert! Camel rides, races and jeep safaris are add on with the stay.

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