8 Things to Do in Dubai in December

So you’re planning to visit Dubai in December? First, let me congratulate you because December is the best time to visit Dubai. Here are eight things which you must do in Dubai in December.

1. Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

From the world tallest building the most amazing city view you will see. If you plan to visit Dubai, must visit Burj Khalifa and book your ticket online because the cost counter ticket is 4 times higher than the online. In fact, you can get discounted ticket by going here. Best time to visit 30 min before sunset so that you can have daylight view and night view of city!

2. Evening Desert Safari

Evening Desert Safari

Dubai Desert Safari Tour should be your next choice. You should book Evening Desert Safari with BBQ dinner package. The best part of the tour is DUNE BASHING. For dune bashing the driver should have expert skills so he turns the desert drive into a fast and furious adventure. Cost is 125 AED per adult.

3. Dubai Shopping Mall

A huge shopping mall with many global brands present. You will see world’s most renowned brands under a hood. You will have to spend at least two days to complete roaming around the mall. Aquarium and Dubai fountain are must-see ones. Automatic touch screen maps are there to help very good bookshop, lots of food outlet and 2 floors of Apple Store (a good place to get these as Dubai is tax-free, for now). Head out in the evening if you would like to enjoy the amazing fountain shows.

4. Wild Wadi Park

The Wild Wadi Water Park is an outdoor waterpark in Dubai. Situated in the area of Jumeirah, next to the Burj Al Arab and the Jumeirah Beach Hotel. Great place to come with your family. The wide variety of rides allows you to have all kinds of fun with your friends and family. The food is very good but it’s outside so it might get a bit hot. Ticket price starting from 260 AED.

5. Dhow Cruise Dubai

The ultimately best and most time-saving way of touring a city in one day is what I observed while city touring Dubai via Dubai Dhow city tours.I would suggest the same to anyone else who is visiting Dubai or plan on visiting Dubai that Dubai Dhow city tours are not only reasonably priced but they also save a lot of time.

6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The most beautiful mosque that you will ever see in the UAE. It is wonderful that they allow non-Muslims to tour and experience this incredible place. They have headsets that you can rent to listen to information on your own, or they offer a free guided tour in English, which offers some great insight into Islam and mosques. Best time of visit is before sunset because you will get to see it illuminated by daylight, sunset, and then the evening lights.

7. Gold Souk

Gold Souk

Gold Souk is world’s biggest gold market. Tons of shops to choose from and lots of varieties. Some of the displays are worth the trip down just to take pictures. So interesting! If you want to buy, be willing to haggle as they start off sometimes 2 times the actual price. There are lots to buy here not just Gold. You can get souvenirs, Abayas, kaftans, materials, beautiful scarves, genuine and gold plated, etc. It’s a market so don’t expect fancy mall settings and it is hot out there. So take water with yourself.

8. Global Village

Global Village Dubailand, Dubai, is claimed to be the world’s largest tourism, leisure, shopping, and entertainment project. The global village is really huge and a lot of people visit this. However, the organization is extremely good that there is no problem finding parking or purchasing tickets on the spot and entering the area. Once you entered, you will realize it’s more like a huge supermarket (styled in an amusement park kind of way) so people can buy different things from different countries. All the different areas are marked with the different country names. Some countries have a huge space (such as China, Turkey, Pakistan, and India), while others are quite small (Germany, France, the South East Asia, and so on). The South East Asia countries are all round up in one corner and they don’t sell products that are originally from the country. You can buy the ticket on the spot which cost is 20 AED only.


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