Gwaldam: A Lesser Known Hill Station Perfect for a Quiet Respite

A beautiful landscape surrounded with the magnificent Himalayan peaks, dense pine forests, charming terrace farming and pristine river – this could be a one-liner to describe Gwaldam but it is definitely more touristy than put in words. Looking for a less crowded and unexplored hill station in India for your weekend trip? Then, Gwaldam could be the destination you are looking for!

Located in the scintillating state of Uttarakhand, this locale is a winner much like its other places but is yet to be explored. Hence, if you are looking for a quiet holiday in the lap of nature, it would serve you more than expected. There are also a number of sightseeing options to hang out – all set in the vicinity of nature. You can go for trekking, hitchhiking or just spend your holiday laid back in the middle of the pine and cedar trees, farmlands, monastery, temples, interact with the locals, visit the market or simply enjoy the majestic mountain view and sky gazing at night.
Trishul Peak View from Gwaldam; Picture Courtesy: Almoraboy
Hiking in the Tibetan Colony
Gwaldam Town
Gwaldam Monastery

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