Short Expeditions is a lifestyle blog and we welcome contributions from those who want to share real stories, experiences, knowledge, opinions and insights of their own with the aim of benefitting the community.

Read on to find all the requirements and instructions that you need, to write for us.

Who can write for us?

We are looking for contributors all over the world. That means, anybody who has a flair for writing and can write in correct English with zero grammar, spelling and syntax errors is welcome on board. You may or may not be an experienced writer but if you can put your ideas into proper words and can weave out a catching story that is convincing and easily understandable to the average reader, you are what we are looking for.

What topics you can write on?

Currently, we cover eight topics – Travel, Beauty, Fitness, Fashion, Health, Relationship, Product Reviews and Social. Writers can contribute to multiple topics, on approval.

What are we looking for to publish?

– Short Expeditions aims at covering only weekend destinations and short trips across the world (Asia, UK, USA, Canada, Australia, Middle East, India).
– Your travel article must be the documentation of your OWN experience and knowledge. We will NOT accept misleading content.

Beauty, Fitness, Health, Product Reviews
– When contributing to these topic categories, you must understand that there is a responsibility associated with such issues. Do your research well before writing. Do not write only for the sake of it.
– Product reviews are welcome only IF you have personally tested them.
– Quoting medical facts or medical statistics in your article is welcome, if appropriate. You must mention the source of the facts, including the link to the source.

– Only trending topics are allowed for this category. Do a good research on the fashion trends before writing your article.
– If you are updated on the latest fashion trends around the world, we would love to have you on board.

– The articles can cover issues faced within all relationships – couples, parents-children, siblings, peers, colleagues, friends, etc.
– You need to have a good understanding of today’s relationship issues. Your approach should be solution based.

– Your article must address the current issues that the society is getting prone to. Remember, we are looking for trending topics that can benefit the community.


Article Details

Words: Your article should be between 700 to 2000 words.

Images: You must provide at least 3 images. For travel articles and product reviews, images should belong to YOU. Please don’t use watermarks. If you own the photo, you will be given due credit.

However, for travel articles, if you are writing a list of places/destinations, apart from images that belong to you (optional), you may use either copyright free images from the web or you may use images from the web giving due credit to the photo source. If you fail to do so or you do not take this seriously, you will be banned. For other categories, the same rule applies.

Image quality: Images should be of good quality with minimum 800 px width and minimum 450 px in height. Images should be relevant and must enhance the overall quality of your article.

Please note: If you are unable to provide pictures (only in certain cases), please inform the admin when submitting your article.

Copyscape checked: Your article should be free from all kinds of plagiarism. All articles must be checked in Copyscape before submitting. If we find a breach of trust and any kind of plagiarized work submitted by you, we will not allow you to contribute anymore.


What Short Expeditions will Offer:

Author Bio: We will provide a permanent display of your profile including your image (mandatory) and social profiles (optional).

If you are a blogger having your own blog and want to guest blog on our site, we will provide a backlink to your blog as well. Please note that we will provide a link back ONLY if you own a personal blog. If you are a tour operator or you run a business website, then your website is not eligible for a backlink. For further queries regarding this point, you can connect to us at

Author Exposure: We will promote your article throughout our entire social network. If your article is of very high quality and have the potential we are looking for, then you get the chance of being included in our newsletters, mails, and all social strategies.


How to Submit your Article?

After you have read our guidelines and instructions carefully, you can submit your article and images by mailing us at

Please Note: When submitting your article, do not attach your article as a document; attach only the images. Please paste the entire article in the mail body and don’t forget to add the author bio (mandatory) and social media profiles (optional) below the article. At the beginning of the mail body, you must write the topic, destination, a short pitch, number of words and number of images attached. In the subject, write [CATEGORY – ARTICLE TITLE]. View the sample mail format here.

Is it a Paid Opportunity?

If our readers like your articles and you become a popular author among our readers, we are likely to offer paid opportunities as our relationship grows.

Copyright and Terms

Short Expeditions respect author’s rights and shares the copyright with individual authors. As part of content sharing arrangements, Short Expeditions can use excerpts of all authors’ posts as part of promotional activities on the website, on social media networks, or on other sites.

All submitted posts will be reviewed by Short Expeditions editorial team. Editors can perform language edits, change the title/headline/subtitles/paragraphs to make the posts more readable and visible to our readers.

Short Expeditions can reject your posts if they do not meet our standard, requirements, guidelines or instructions.

Authors cannot submit the same content to other websites that they submit to Short Expeditions. Only if the article is rejected by Short Expeditions editorial team and you have been confirmed the same from the team, then Short expeditions will hold no intellectual rights over your submitted content and you can reconsider using it elsewhere.